Prince Charming is a handsome white factored sable merle male with a gorgeous face! He decided he wanted to pull the blanket up over him, too cute, lol. Age progression from 3 1/2 wks to current 6 wks 5 days on 2/16/20. He is the sable merle puppy at the top of the new born picture.  Prince Charming is available and is all clear non carrier for all 6 known Collie diseases; CEA, rcd2-PRA, DM, CN, HUU, MDR1 and DMS Low Risk which is the best possible outcome. 

​​​​​Available Rough Collie Puppies

To enroll your pet in the national database for "forever" protection click on the provided link...
Enter your registration number (the actual chip number located on your AKC Puppy Paper  or on the stickers I send you home with, then your owner information and puppy information and your done! The price zero's on entrance of chip #.

Our testing for our collies continues as new tests become available, we never stop. See full testing results by clicking the results buttons on the "Collie Girls" and "Collie Boys" pages.  To see the pedigrees of each pet, click on the Pedigree's link at the bottom of the website on all pages.  

We quit using yard chemicals many years ago and this past year we stopped using the typical heart worm prevention made from chemicals. We use all natural products such as HWF for heart worm prevention. That and their own healthy immune systems should be all they need as a natural deterrent to pests like ticks and fleas but the HWF web site has stuff for that as well and many more all natural remedies that are worth looking into before using anything with chemicals. This is a page from their site on flea and tick information.

Now, having said this I do believe in initial immunization for our pets. I do not believe in over vaccination however. Once your pet has had the initial vaccines through 16 weeks ( mom's colostrum provides a lot if not all of this) we do not vaccinate again. There is a titer test that can be done to find out if your dog still has immunities against diseases. If your pet has any titer at all in his or her system, even if it's low, they are still immunized according to what I've read but I'm not a vet. It's too much to get into on this page but here are some resource links: and

I will be expanding our website with extra pages dedicated to different topics as well as forms of feeding and many different resource links because I know not everyone feeds raw. And I certainly understand that because I've been on both sides of the fence. So for that reason, regardless of what you feed, anyone getting a puppy from me that wants to know more I will be happy to answer any questions and share anything I've learned about any type of feeding. 

When we place our rough collie puppies in homes they are expected to be "forever" homes. Of course sometimes there are unexpected circumstances, if you are no longer able to keep your pet and are not able to find them a loving home we would like them returned to us so we can find them a new home and if not, they will stay with us.

If you would like to have more information about one of our available puppies or would like to be added to our waiting list you can go to our Contact Us page and send us your information and we will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. You may also call us if you prefer at 501-676-2374.

In closing and in short to anyone other then loving families and consciencious breeders :  ​Please note, we absolutely do not sell to pet shops or puppy mills, if we even suspect you are either you will not like the response you get from us so please do not bother to call or email. I reserve the right not to sell my rough collie puppies to anyone when I question their intentions for my puppies.

Our puppies are in many US States and we now have 2 in Canada.

Thanks so much to all of the wonderful families who have adopted our babies!! I feel really good knowing they have gone to wonderful homes in all walks of life. Please, please keep in touch, and send me lots of letters and pictures!


Linda and Lance Sorrows​​​

​Below are pictures of our rough collies that are our current dams and sire. Skye pictured first, she is a reddish golden sable and white and has the color of her dad, Connor, who is featured at the top of all of our pages. Next is Beauty, she is a tri-color collie carrying the white gene and will be retired in 2020. After her is Bonnie, she is a color headed white with blue merle patches​. Last but not least is Lummi, he is a darker tri-factored sable that carries the white gene. He has already produced many beautiful rough collie puppies of all colors.​ Isabel who is not pictured below but is on our Collie Girls page is a tri-factored sable and white and will be brought into our breeding program possibly late in 2020. 

The babies got to start playing outside this weekend. And they got a new puppy tunnel today on 2/9/20. See video below but I'm a little bummed it turned out somewhat grainy this time :(  The video to the right was taken on 2/15/20 for a cute update.

We love our pets and practice high breeding standards for health and temperament. Parents DNA panel tested and non-carriers of all known collie diseases. We believe good health and temperament is a must, charming looks are guaranteed and lots of love is always included.   Current litter born December 31, 2019 is priced at $1350.00.  To get on our list for summer litters or inquire about one of these precious babies please send us a contact form or call us at 501-676-2374.

Getting puppy to you:
United Airlines has a pet safe program where they ship pets in temperature controlled compartments specifically for pets. The airlines will also allow your collie puppies to be brought back on board a flight as carry-on if under 20 lbs if you would like to fly in and pickup your puppy. At 8 weeks they typically are around 8 to 12 lbs, and start gaining weight at much faster rate after that. We will also hand deliver up to 8 hours in one direction to meet you for $350.00. We can also send a pet nanny to fly in the cabin with your puppy and hand deliver your puppy to you in the air port. There are many other delivery service options for animals available today than in years past and we are happy to look into any of them if you have one in mind and would like to discuss it.

***Notice*** Due to state laws we are required to collect taxes of City, County, and State if you live in Arkansas or come to Arkansas to pick up a puppy from us. State taxes, currently are 6.5%. City and County taxes each range up to 3% and as low as .5% for Arkansas depending on the City and County.​​​

We raise our pets on a high quality, species appropriate raw food diet, vet care and have all adults tested. I've completed a Raw Food Nutrition Certification course, to learn about canine nutrition for 2 reasons. Foremost, we love all of our pets and want them to be as healthy and happy as they can be. Secondly, their health insures the healthiest rough collie puppies possible. 

All of our pets are fed a variety of raw meat and organs from  grass-fed beef, tripe, lambs, ducks, rabbits, turkey, chickens, mackerel, sardines, raw meaty bones and occasionally wild venison and elk. They also get organic eggs several times a week. I use the honest kitchen fruits and vegetable base mix; human grade food made in a human grade facility, this ensures extra vitamins and minerals for their health. The ratio is 85 to 90% meat to 10 to 15% fruits/vegetables and extras. I supplement their food with kefir, tripe and added probiotics as a boost to their gut health in addition to their raw diet along with other supplements such as organic kelp and phytoplankton.  Our rough collie puppies benefit from the excellent nutrition while in the womb. We believe healthy puppies start with healthy parents. The puppies will be weaned on a premium raw blend especially formulated for puppies. When you get a puppy from us they truly will be "healthy".  

​These are some of the many benefits to feeding your rough collie puppies raw: Less visits to the vet, cleaner teeth and fresh breath, better weight control, improved digestion, shinier healthier skin and coats, reduction of allergy symptoms, no internal parasites, harder smaller less smelly stools, more energy and stamina, lower risk of cancer, better eye health, boosted immune system, diabetes and arthritis prevention. These are certainly just a few of the health benefits while there are many more. The most telling is our pets are jumping up for their food now when it is dinner time. They are practically digging in before we can get it set down, whereas before they would just eat, now they LOVE their food. ​​We do our very best to give our babies the best start in life and we want you to be able to do the same.   Anyone allowed to adopt one of our puppies can expect:​​​

  • ​Any necessary vet visits, initial vaccine
  • Microchipped with pre-paid registration by us
  • AKC registered with prepaid registration by us 
  • Pups tested by Veterinarian Ophthalmologist as needed
  • Bio-Sensory exorcises from day 3
  • Free Book or Puppy Treat Puzzle, our choice
  • Your choice of free raw puppy food or high quality kibble.
  • Life time of support, call us when needed
  • Social interaction from Day 1
  • Paper training starts at 2 1/2 weeks
  • Outdoor potty training starts at 5 weeks
  • Wkly baths at 5 weeks (much to their dismay, lol)
  • DNA test copies on the parents
  • Pedigree copy on the parents
  • Registration certificate copy on the parents​​​

02/15/20 Update: The puppies all went in this morning for their 6 weeks shot and physical exam by the vet. They all passed with flying colors!! Perfect physical health and bone structure, negative fecals, all the boys little testes have descended and there are no hernia's of any kind. Perfect! Our vet also paid us the same compliment that we hear all the time from other vets after the puppies go home, that they are impressed with the quality of puppies we raise and the care we put into our own pets! We have 3 puppies still available, 2 white factored sable merle males and 1 white factored tri-color female. They are all just gorgeous puppies!

Below are some pictures of our past rough collie puppies along with our girls Skye and Beauty and our boy Lummi. 

Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder Seal

We start paper training at 2 1/2 weeks with a collie puppies friendly system. A removable opening at the back of the large whelping box allows the rough collie puppies easy access to a tray covered with paper after we remove part of the rails on the end. The rails keeps mum from squishing small puppies when she lays back if they are behind her. The puppies naturally gravitate to the paper to eliminate away from their feeding/sleeping area.

​​Our pups are "Microchip ID" microchipped, they offer pre-paid chips which is a blessing to me. So not only do we Microchip them for their protection but we also pay your registration fee with the Microchip Database for you! And that registration is good FOREVER! You do not have to pay a renewal fee. All you have to do is log in to the website, key in your microchip registration number and fill in your information; name, address, etc and the information of your new baby and you are all set. If they should ever get lost while at home, or on vacation, they will be able to be scanned to find out who they belong to. Please do your part and always keep a metal tag on them with the registration number as well so there is no doubt that the owner can be found if needed. Each kit comes with various items when I purchase them. I chose to pay for registrations myself because if for any reason the new owner does not get them registered and the dog gets lost and then identified by chip, the "LOT" number can be traced back to me and I can be contacted. This way I can ensure our babies will have a safety net if anything should happen to them.

 Meet Sleeping Beauty. She is a heavily white factored tri-color female puppy. Absolutely gorgeous! In the video's above you might here her referred to as "Lydia's puppy" because she was going to be adopted by a sweet lady named Lydia, but due to personal reasons Lydia is now unable to take her.  So Sleeping Beauty is ready to find a new forever home with another precious family. She is very sweet and just LOVES to give kisses like her daddy. Sleeping Beauty has been adopted and is all clear non carrier for all 6 known Collie diseases; CEA, rcd2-PRA, DM, CN, HUU, MDR1 and DMS Low Risk which is the best possible outcome.


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Beautiful Rough Collie Puppies For Sale

Flynn Rider is another gorgeous sable merle male with face that is darker on one side than the other, so darn cute!! He has brown and black patches. Age progression from 3 1/2 weeks to current 6 wks and 5 days on 2/16/20. He is the sable merle puppy in the middle of the new born picture.  Flynn is also available and is all clear non carrier for all 6 known Collie diseases; CEA, rcd2-PRA, DM, CN, HUU, MDR1 and DMS Low Risk which is the best possible outcome.

We are Arkansas collie breeders raising rough collie puppies. We live 9 miles West of Lonoke, AR, about 1 mile off of  I-40.
If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.

Picture below as newborns are Bonnie x Lummi puppies​. Still available: One beautiful heavily white factored tri-color female, the one at the very top of the newborn picture below and Two Sable Merle Males, being the one at the top and the one in the middle. Pre-Paid Microchip, Pre-Paid AKC registration and 5lb bag of Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy Food. If you feed raw and are local that may be substituted. Parents fed all natural raw food diet benefits pups while in the womb. If you are on our list you will receive priority when new puppies are born.