We are Arkansas collie breeders raising rough collie puppies. We live 9 miles West of Lonoke, AR, about 1 mile off of  I-40.
If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.
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Testing for DMS (Dermatomyositis) is the latest testing available for Collies that became available in 2018. By the end of the year we had all of our collies tested. The possible outcomes are "Low", "Moderate", and "High". We were blessed with the good fortune that all of our collies were "Low", the best possible outcome! Report shown below.

MDR1 - Multidrug Resistance 1 is a condition where collies can not be treated with some medicines that other dogs can be treated with, such as heartworm medication like Heartgard that contains Ivermectin. While other breeds can take Ivermectin with no issues, it can be fatal in Collies.

​Collies can be treated with heartworm medication that contains milbemycin oxime like Interceptor or Interceptor Plus but please keep in mind that ALL of these so called medicines are FULL of toxins that you would be exposing your pet to. I've found a much better option that we use on ALL of our collies regardless of their MDR1 status. HWF is an all natural remedy that can not only prevent Heartworms, it can also CURE heart worms!  You can read more about it and purchase it here. MDR1 affects about 70% of Collies. For more information on MDR1 refer to our welcome page in the section on a Collies health. We will only ever breed Beauty to a mate that is MDR1 normal/normal. Therefore 100% of the pups will be MDR1 normal/mutant rather than M/M.  You can take a MDR1 normal/mutant and breed them to a MDR1 normal/normal and get n/n and/or n/m. If you breed a n/m with another n/m you get any combination of */*; n/n, /n/m, m/m.

​Regardless, I will have all of Beauty's pups DNA tested for MDR1 so I will know the results with certainty and so will their new owners.

Beauty's Test Results posted below.

AKC - DN35675007


DOB - 1/28/2013​​

​Colley Collies Midnight Beauty "Beauty" is out of Windy Acres Tip Of The Hat Fedora x Windy Acres Sienna Knight. Beauty is just that, a beautiful tri-color collie. She is very sweet to those people that she knows and very aloof to those that she doesn't. Once you earn her trust she is very loyal as most all collies are.