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Colley Collies Blue Cotton Bonnet "Bonnie" is a pretty blue headed white. She is very playful and loves her toys! Her and our mini schnauzer Heidi often carry them around playing tug of war or taking them from each other. Bonnie has had her first heat and will be introduced into our breeding program come fall/winter 2019. Bonnie is a normal eyed/non carrier rough collie. DNA tested clear for CEA, rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1 N/N. Her testing for DMS was just completed and is the best possible outcome so Miss Bonnie is perfect! Bred to our Lummi, also having perfect test results, all puppies will be all clear for all known collie diseases! Bonnie should produce an assortment of coat colors bred to Lummi; tri-colors, tri-factors, blue merles and tri-factored sable merles.

Colley Collies Midnight Beauty "Beauty" is Murron's 1/2 sister and is in our breeding program but will be retired after 2019. She is NE/NC for CEA,  rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU and is MDR1 M/M. Beauty is a beautiful Tri-color collie indeed, very affectionate and sweet. She is one of those aloof collies that wants only to be with us, strangers are not in her realm and she is hesitant to trust them. But once you have her trust she will be loyal to a fault. She is a true "Beauty". Bred to Lummi I would expect tri-colors and tri-factors. TBD.

Colley Collies She's My Isabel "Izzy" is my new little tri-factored girl and she looks a lot like Heather did at her age!  She is 100% clear for all known collie diseases. She is truly a lovely little girl, very smart and loves to play! Her and Bonnie have a good romp all of the time, they are so silly together. While house training Izzy I had her on her leash and kept her with me at all times. She was laying on the floor playing with one toy and wanted another that was just out of her reach of the leash. Just as I was about to get it for her, Heidi, my little miniature schnauzer saw her trying to reach the other toy and went and got it for her and brought it over to her and layed it at her feet, it was so cute! When she is old enough and mated to Lummi they can produce tri-factor sables, tri-colors and light sables.

Colley Collies Diamond in the Skye "Skye" is out of our own Connor x Murron (Murron shown at the bottom) and is in our breeding program. She is a loving collie who looks just like her dad and acts just like both her mom and dad, Skye has an excellent temperament  and is a wonderful mother! She is a tri-factored sable that is very light in color looking more like a traditional sable. Her and Lummi produce both coloring of light with very little dark coloring and dark tri-factor sables. Skye is a normal eyed carrier for CEA, and is normal eyed / non carrier for rcd2/PRA, DM, CN, HUU, and MDR1 N/N.

Colley Collies Sweet Shepherd "Murron" is retired. Murron is my "Timmy fell in the well, collie". Anyone that has watched Lassie knows what that means. There is nothing that goes on around our house that gets by her and she is quick to let me know about it. The thing with Murron is that she is smart enough that she only gets my attention when she feels like I truly need to know. So when she wants my attention, she gets it!

​Rough Collie Girls

​Colley Collies Midnight Beauty "Beauty"

Colley Collies Diamond in the Skye "Skye" is out of our own Colley Collies "Murron" x "Connor".  Skye looks just her dad featured on all of our pages at the top. 

Colley Collies Blue Cotton Bonnet "Bonnie

Colley Collies She's My Isabel "Izzy"

Classic Colley Dream Achieved "Heather" -  Heather is retired and was our foundation female. She is still with us and enjoying the good life. 

We are Arkansas collie breeders raising rough collie puppies. We live 9 miles West of Lonoke, AR, about 1 mile off of  I-40.
If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.