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Pictures of Calleigh meeting her new best friend Cassie aka Sonic from Connor and Murron's June 2012 litter.
What can bring more joy to a 5 year old then meeting her new puppy for the first time and the family's joy at witnessing it!

Jeni writes about Eleanor's first "meet & greet":

We are so impressed with the effort you put into preparing our Eleanor to be a great member of her new family.
She arrived in fine condition and only hesitated briefly before emerging from her crate when I first leashed her. Then she bounced out and began nuzzling my husband's face as he lay down to encourage her to play. Eleanor romped on the grass with us for 20 minutes and ate heartily.
We crated her again and she slept all the way home. Once here, she socialized beautifully with our GSD and the senior Newfie in their brief meetings. Then Eleanor spent a peaceful evening with us, did her messes outside when I took her out, and began working on Come, No, and her name.
As I type this, she is sleeping with her new stuffed chew toy in her crate. Not a peep.
BTW, her crate was clean when she arrived and all the Delta staff fell in love with her. They kept raving about how cute and calm she was.
Nice work!

Barb says Dakota Rose has quite the "repertoire", among Dakota's many animal allies is Ava: My new Mom says Ava the cat is a "loner"....
but Ava really likes me.......
we hang out....my Mom is glad Ava has a friend...

Right now, Dakota Rose is in the Smokies hoping to show the Bears who is boss! lol.

We recently heard from Cheryl about Chase "The King" and Gigi "The Queen", it would seem that The King loves his Queen very much, lol.

Loving Forever Homes - 2

Erica writes:

Things are going really well! We took her to our vet and everyone loved her! She checked out just fine and is scheduled for her next set of shots.
Penny is so smart! We've been crate training her and she cried a little the first night but hasn't even whimpered since then.
Potty training has also been going well. She's only had 1 accident so far and I think it's mostly bc I waited too long to let her out :/
She is so much fun and she has so many facial expressions haha she loves to play tag with us and she takes guilty pleasure in dragging Sergio's socks around (until we catch her)
She's slowly adapting to the Texas heat, but definitely is not a fan of being outside too long. She stops playing after about 10 min outside and gives me a look that says ok I need my AC lol
Thank you so much for all the handling you did with her early in life. It really makes a difference in how she's adapted to our little family. Even the cat hasn't complained about her too much.

From a late 2011 litter:

Kathy Writes:

Been wanting to touch base with you and let you know how much we love Beaux (Elijah)!  He is absolutely an amazing, wonderful and beautiful addition to our family.  Thank you!!
Everyone admires this dog.  He brings back memories to so many people that said they had a "Lassie" dog when they were a child.  Don't see many Collies around here any more.  Everyone that sees this dog, loves this dog!!  As your web site states; they are truly wonderful companions.
Sending you some photos of our Beaux...enjoy!

Kathy & Bobby
New Orleans, Louisiana

Cheryl has been keeping us updated on Chase from Heather and Connor's March 2011 Litter.... he is getting to be a big handsome boy and apparently has learned to have fun with GiGi. 

Aubree and Carol from California sent us an update on Nala, July 2012, she is getting so big and beautiful!!!

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If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.
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Connor and Heather's April 2013 (and last) Litter:

Brian, Brianna, and "Bonnie"... Brian writes: Once home she fell in live with her toy squirrel, which she carries around the living room. She and I have been playing and cuddling on her Disney princess blanket.
I say "Nah.... she's not spoiled!"  lol

We love hearing about our past babies and how they are doing. If you have one please drop us a line and let us know how they are and send us some pictures! If you don't mind we will post a portion of your letter and pictures of your newest family member as we did below.

Thank you for allowing us to bring more joy into your life with one of our pups! We feel we have really been blessed with all the new friends we have made with the families that have adopted our babies!

From a different litter:

I got another picture today of Calleigh and Cassie, they are just the cutest, especially Calleigh! Meredith says Cassie is 20lbs now. Looks like a match made in heaven. :-) !


Reville is pooped out.
She is absolutely beautiful. Took her to the vet and he said she is doing great and you tested for everything.
Thanks, Billy

Renee sent us an update on Emmy Lou from Heather and Connor's Oct 2011 Litter.... She has such a beautiful brown face like Chase above and who is on the other end of that leash... such a pretty young girl with her puppy on the beach! Too cute!!



She's doing amazing here and as are most puppies she is always finding new things to get into and explore! We've discovered she has a love hate relationship with hair dryers as well as swiffer mops! She's so smart and is already potty trained and can even shake hands!
Ill attach a picture for you!


Oh my goodness, she (C.J.) has stolen our hearts already!  She is an absolutely
beautiful, sweet puppy; she had a great first night in her new home! 

Later Michael wrote: We love our sweet Maggie; she is doing so well and growing quickly! We couldn't be more pleased with her!

Lorraine Dorman