We are Arkansas collie breeders raising rough collie puppies. We live 9 miles West of Lonoke, AR, about 1 mile off of  I-40.
If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.
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Heather and Casey sleeping.

Connor in our back yard.

Our Collies

My niece, grandaughter, Connor and Sam our blacklab.

Conner and Heather were both beautiful, strong, energetic, loyal, and loving family pets. Connor,  the more subdued one. When I came home in the evening and let them in the house he would come to my chair and jump up in my lap, as best he could, and push his big face up in my neck and love on me. Heather is still with us today and still loves her back scratches.  She was also the most mischievous between her and Connor, if during the evening playtime hadn't been initiated by my then 7 year old granddaughter it wouldn't take long for Heather to initiate it herself! She loved to saunter up to Casey and playfully nip at her or tug on her clothing until Casey started running from her and then the chase was on.
There was nowhere Casey could run from her without Heather outsmarting her by watching to see which way she was going and then intercepting from the other direction. If Casey managed to get away long enough to try to hide behind a chair Heather would leap up into the chair and bound over it to prove "I can find you!". And when they slept, they slept together.
When Casey was a bit younger and outside with the other dogs, I noticed that Connor at 6 months of age, would run up quickly and position himself in front of Casey when he saw them coming towards her as if to keep them from jumping up on her. He would stand in front of her and look back at them. They quickly put on the breaks and tried to go around and he repositioned in front of Casey to keep them away. After she got older he sensed that she could fend for herself with our other dogs. Or maybe he just figured out that they were not going to hurt her.

Heather and Connor were our foundation pets and companions. Murron followed 2 years after. Both Heather and Murron are now retired and Connor has crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was our love and protector and we miss him.  We strive for collie health, all are DNA tested and fed raw quality meats and veggies with supplements. Their puppies benefit while in the womb and are weened on the same food for their health.

Murron sitting in our small orchard. Murron was our "Timmy fell in the well" collie :-)  If anything happened that she thought needed my attention she let me know quickly. She always made sure she got my attention no matter what she had to do! And when Heather had her last litter of pups a day early, Murron was not satisfied until she made sure I was wakened at 3:30 in the morning for the happy event. I always told her what a good girl she was, we loved her very much for her attentiveness. Murron has crossed over the rainbow bridge and we miss her deeply. Skye, pup to Murron and Connor is one of our current breeding females.

Heather waiting for treat!