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Heather and her puppies on April 20, 2013. They were born on Apr 3, 2013

Since Heather's first litter as shown in the video below, we have made them a very large fenced enclosure with two large dog houses. They are whelped in our home and stay indoors with us for the first 4 weeks and then get to outside to the larger area as they are growing. We bring them back in with us every night.

A video from one of our first litters; Heather's 2009 litter, taken on 5/3/2009 of the puppies playing in the crate.

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Susan writes.... "I thought you would want to know that the vet is very impressed with "the line" of collies that you breed.  She describes them as healthy, without congenital abnormalities, and displaying desirable dispositions.  

Bravo, colleycollies!  Thanks Heather, Conor, Linda and Lance.

As far as colors go, we had 3 dark sables; Jorga, Joab, and Jonathan.
And 4 reddish golden sables; Jordan, JoJo, Josh and Jody.

Video of Connor

Puppy Videos

We live 9 miles West of Lonoke, AR, about 1 mile off of  I-40.
If you would rather contact us by phone please call 501-676-2374 and we will return your call.